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“I’ve found Rajan’s teaching style to be safe and warm, inspiring and uplifting. I’m now able to go out into the world with confidence and expanded vision – free of the doubts and blocks that had previously limited my life”
John L.

“I got a lot of energy from our coaching. I found the work extremely useful and I now have goals to work towards. I was jumping up and down and couldn’t wait to get out there!”
Interior Designer

“Good work! Simple but effective—the emphasis on practicalities and planning really worked. You are a relaxed facilitator and you keep things moving. You have a compassionate and detached manner and are always ready to listen too. Thank you, Rajan, I am very happy to know you.”
Christine S.

“I was totally lost, not knowing how or what or why… Your work was the best ever because now I have confidence and the tools and, most important, a purposefulness to my life so I can move forward. Thank you for opening my heart, my mind and my life.
Anna M.
Marketing Manager

“The course was excellent. Clear, well structured, never boring, and it was challenging and very well presented. Thank you for your teaching; it has been the most fun learning I have ever done.”
Fiona D.
TV Producer

“Clarification, many useful tools, encouragement to ‘keep on keeping on’; specifying visions and desires, and feeling new possibilities of having what I see and want. Thank you.”
Jainhe W.
“I went to Rajan with an open mind and the hope for INSPIRATION. I was not disappointed! His presence is powerful yet gentle, and he challenges us to answer our own questions. Calm, unassuming, immensely powerful – and I am proud to call Rajan my friend and teacher.”
Guy B
Company Chairman

“Through your support I’ve uncovered a lot of truths about me. I’ve instigated a lot of new moves, and you have helped me to take a step forward, one step at a time.”
Norma N

“I couldn’t have found anyone more suited to me than Rajan. The way we operate seems very logical and extremely effective for me. This stuff actually works! Rajan works intuitively—he just knows what to do, and I am grateful for his support.”
Nicola B
Company Director