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Stress Management and Teacher Stress Consultants in Leeds and Huddersfield, Yorkshire
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Work Life Balance

We need to earn a living, but we also want quality time for our partners, our family, our friends and ourselves. It can feel as though there just aren’t enough hours in the day or days in the week.

And while we rush around trying to fit more and more activities into the unchanging amount of time, we have less time for ourselves, and we suffer. Something has to give, and in most organisations it is people; all of us!

Some individuals end up sacrificing their personal and emotional health as a result of work life imbalances. The imbalance can then result in the gradual wearing away of motivation and loyalty.

Here are some things you can consider for yourself. Take some time to look at each item in turn and pay attention to what they signify for you.

  • What does a Sense of Well Being mean to you?
  • What creates a life that is Harmonious, Fulfilled and Balanced?
  • What is out of Balance?
  • Do you Live to Work or Work to Live?
  • How do you create Equilibrium?
  • How do you go about Motivating ourselves?
  • How do you motivate others?
  • What are your Personal Resources?

The Big Switch Off

If there's one idea that you could implement straightaway and would help you right now, then this is The One!
As soon as you walk out of your workplace imagine that you can see a big on-off switch. Imagine that you turn this switch from ON to OFF and this tells your mind that you will turn off all thoughts about your work day and any thoughts about the next day will Be Postponed!
Go about your evening and when you are ready to think about work and the various responsibilities imagine that you turn the Switch ON and do what you have to do.

Again, at the end of your working day, when you have finished, switch OFF and have a good night!

The next day, just as you are driving into the car park switch your self back ON and prepare to have a good day!

Staying Calm

The best way to maintain your equilibrium is through the progressive use of relaxation techniques. The most potent mechanism for handling and releasing stress is the Meditation.
Meditation has been shown to engender a more relaxed physiological response, a greater reduction in anxiety, better overall health, and reduced tension. All these benefits combine to help in the general well being of meditation practitioners. I've been practicing meditation for more than thirty years now and it really does work wonders.

The simplest form of meditation focuses on the breath. This is easy to learn and to put into practice and brings immediate benefits.

Breath Awareness

Here all you have to do is to
Sit in a Quiet Place (telephone off, door closed) with or without music.

Just watch as you breathe. Notice the breath come in and notice the breath as it goes out. Notice as it flows in through your nostrils and goes into your body and notice it as flows out of your mind. Your mind is focused on the Inhale and the Exhale and nothing else.

Sometimes (many times!) the mind will wander or you will be aware of background chatter from your mind. The simplest way to deal with this is to say to your self, “Breath comes in… Breath goes out… “ and just match this phrase with the rhythm of your breath pattern. Mentally repeat, "Breath comes in ... Breath goes out."

The idea is that this gives your mind something to do as you get on with your Breath Awareness meditation. That is all you need to do for about 5– 10 minutes.

Once you have completed the breath awareness exercise, you can now prepare for your Day and tell your self about the kind of day you will create for yourself and how you will benefit from this.

Learn to Meditate

Harmony & Balance:The best Meditation CD around (probably)

The primary intention of this CD is to introduce you to the power and practice of meditation. As you use this CD regularly, you will find yourself achieving deep levels of peace and inner balance easily and effortlessly.

"Harmony and Balance" carries a deep resonance which encourages you to relax, release stress and worry, and open to the inner voice, to your still centre.
All you need to do is to use this CD once or twice a day and allow it to help you achieve deeper levels of peace than you have felt for a long time.

This is a powerful CD for beginners and those who need to deepen their meditation practice. Clear guidance on Breath Awareness, Mantras, Chakras, Your Inner Support.

“Amongst the BEST meditation CDs I have ever heard!” Janine Norris Acupuncturist

Rajan Samra CDs
Along with the best stress management CD, Harmony and Balance, we also have

The Mastery Process
Guided meditations to take you into deep and powerful states of Peace and Bliss. Into The Crystal Cave and Your Inner Temple. The Star Meditation and Your Inner Support. A truly tranquil experience!

Connecting with Your True Self
An opportunity to step back from the everyday experieces of the mundane world into the inner world of The Self. There you can connect with the tranquility and stillness that is always present but which you can forget when the stresses of the world take over. You can use this for that time when you need an Inner retreat, as we all do.


Rajan Samra CDs