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Stress Management and Teacher Stress Consultants in Leeds and Huddersfield, Yorkshire
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Accentuate the Positive

1. Use a Positive Statement or Affirmation to start the day, such as “I am safe and well and I look forward to a wonderful day.” Or “I move forward in life with Joy and Ease.”

2. Use food with balance and moderation. Include greens and roughage and pay attention to your body and feed it whatever gives it and you joy. Cut down on sugar and salt. Eat in Peace.

3. Exercise in some form. Walking, housework, exercise that moves the joints, man. Start the day with a round of 20 Deep Breaths.

4. Accentuate the Positive. As the sun shines, celebrate “It’s a wonderful day” and if it is pouring down, celebrate with joy, “It’s a wonderfully rainy day.” Remember the choice is yours. You may as well be happy and ALIVE. And SMILE!

5. Practice the forgotten art of LISTENING. Be still and pay attention to what others are saying. If you are planning your reply then you are not listening.

6. Stay in the present. The past no longer has a hold on you, come back into the present (or get here as soon as you can!). The future is not upon you so do not waste your energy on the ‘what ifs’ and ‘It’s a worry.’ Come back into your body and enjoy the moment, in the NOW.

7. Develop a Good Support System. Who heals your mind, who hears your words, who is around for you when things get rough?

Make sure you have people who give you support. And be sure YOU are around for others.
Give each other recognition, pay compliments, boost one another. Think of one good thing you can say to your friends or colleagues every day.

This then becomes a Network of Heroes rather than some of people you happen to work with.

8. Meditate Regularly. Sit in peace and quiet and relax. As the Buddhists say, “Don’t just do something, sit there!”

9. Let go of people, places, attitudes, beliefs that no longer serve the person that you are becoming. And do a regular clearing of your body, mind and emotions. Let go of the Balloon.

10. Take Regular Body Work. The power of Touch is undoubted. I recommend The Light Touch. Get a massage, try Reflexology. Find a good bodyworker; or just get a hug (as often you can!)

10 Tips for Stress Relief
Look at all aspects of your life and clean up your act. Leave all blame and judgement behind, release inner tension and struggle. Work on looking after your inner child (give her what she wants – have that ice cream, the roller coaster ride, the walk in the stream). Forgive your self and move forward by forgiving others.