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Stress Management and Teacher Stress Consultants in Leeds and Huddersfield, Yorkshire
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Teaching is stressful. This is now accepted

The consequences of the accumulated school stress are that we can feel remote from our sense of purpose, lack positive intention, our work suffers and we even lose our zest for life.

The good news is that there are strategies to make the job of teaching easier and more enjoyable. To that end, we have designed a dedicated stress management programme to address the key issues (inspections, behaviour, timetabling, lacking motivation) relevant to the life of most schools.

The Good News
With the best of intentions, we are still going to encounter stress. Stress happens.
The key questions are “How well do we react to stress? How quickly do we recover our balance when life presents its inevitable challenges?”

"How would it be if you could become more aware of your inner messages so that you could respond to the warning signs and act accordingly?"

The Good News is that you can create a powerful toolbox of strategies for combating stress.

The Stress Management for Schools training will teach you how to take control of your time at school and how to improve the quality of your life and your communications. You will recognise what causes your frustration in situations that can sometimes become difficult, and discover coping skills needed to deal with your frustrations before things get out of control.

"Are you feeling bad enough to change right now or do you prefer to wait a little longer ..." Shelle Rose Charvet

What are the benefits of booking a Seminar?

You will learn how to increase your self-awareness so you will know what to change in your thought processes to increase your well being.

You will be trained by people who truly understand your problems and issues.

You will understand your individual stressors

You will learn how to deal with the underlying causes as well the symptoms

You will learn powerful strategies to reduce and manage stress

We can use the learning to help others

You can achieve higher levels of motivation and staff unity

Stress Managed

The Seminar will help you to perform well under pressure, relax when under unavoidable stress, and eliminate the background irritations that 'niggle' away at us, increasing our stress.
The full course will also deliver the following How To’s:

Cope with work overload

Work effectively with ‘difficult’ people

Reduce co-worker and team stress

Relax in all situations

Improve your Listening Skills
By the end of the Seminar, you will have a clearer understanding of stress and the importance of managing it. You should be able to analyse the points of pressure in your life, so that you can plan to neutralise them.
You will also have access to a range of different stress management

It's Only Stress ...

“It’s only stress; what can you do?” Samra Training Consultants are stress management experts and we believe there is much we can do. We are passionate about providing genuine and lasting support for our teachers so that we can find even more fulfilment within the teaching profession. We feel that we can definitely help.

If you would like more information about our stressmanaged trainings please call Samra Training Consultants.
You can contact us at 07775743291 or email info@stressmanaged.co.uk