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Stress Management and Teacher Stress Consultants in Leeds and Huddersfield, Yorkshire
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What is Stress?

Many people argue about the existence of stress. Others discuss the definition of stress. However we may define stress, research over the years has shown that there is something that happens to all of us at sometime or other that results in us performing well below our optimum.

Stress is known as the disease of the 21st Century. We try to find ways to cope with the ever-increasing pace of life, and the increasing demands in the workplace.

It's Only Stress
Stress is a reflection of the way we live; it is the effect of what we do and what we allow to happen in our lives. We even use the word to distance us from its impact! “Oh it’s only stress… I’m just stressed”

The strain of living out of balance creates a series of symptoms, ranging from physical dysfunction to psychological and emotional upheaval. If we fail to deal with the cause and the symptoms the issues compound and we find ourselves under greater stress. Then we find ourselves in a downward spiral of becoming anxious because of stressful indicators and then becoming physically and emotionally tense in the process.

The key is to understand what stress is and how it affects us all.

Your Stress Levels

Physical stress.
Muscles become tense, joints become stiff, breath is shorter, the heart beats faster, and our energies are low. We become prone to diseases and allergies because our immune system is also weakened by the anxiety.

Emotional stress
Here we can feel inadequate or inferior; we can carry tenseness around us and within us. We are worried a lot of the time and can’t seem to find a way out. Our feeling state is fragile and we can snap at the oddest of times and for the most trivial reasons.

Mental stress.
This shows up as confusion, uncertainty, an inability to make clear decisions, and an incessant churning of unwanted thoughts. Sometimes, we just need some time out to regroup and come back to our point of balance.

We offer you articles and various opportunities to incorporate optimal mental and physical wellness into your personal and professional lives. Participants will gain a better understanding of how their stress levels and/or lifestyle may be affecting their overall health, energy and on-the-job performance

In our workshops we provide demonstrations followed by practice sessions which will allow participants the opportunity to transfer theory into practical application