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Stress Management and Teacher Stress Consultants in Leeds and Huddersfield, Yorkshire
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I Don't Have Time to Be Stressed!

Welcome to Stressmanaged.co.uk the site where you will learn about Stress and how it insidiously builds in our lives. And, more importantly, you will learn just what you can do about it.

We all have our various stress points and we may respond to some situations differently, but most of us share common responses and reactions.

We can feel depressed, helpless or just lacking in motivation and energy.
Time seems to drag. We lose that sense of purpose and direction.
We may find ourselves reacting badly to even the most trivial of things, sometimes even lashing out against the people we love.
Time to step and take stock.

Stress management has come to include ways to relax, find inner peace, access inner knowing and intuition, reorganise our lives and promote well being.

The results are that we can feel noticeable decrease in stress, fatigue, headaches and other tensions.

And of course, people who have learned to cope with stress seem to enjoy what they do, live healthier lives and are more productive.

On this site you will access some powerful techniques for dealing with Life’s Stressors.

Some of the Questions we shall be addressing:

How can I eliminate Stress From My Life?

How Can I Manage Stress Better?

How can I prevent burn out?

What to do about Stress at Work?

What about the effects of Stress in Relationships?

Stress happens. We can’t get away from that!
But we can learn to manage stress.

Everyone should have the tools to cope better. And we at Samra Training Consultants want just that for you.

We are experts in group trainings for stress management and work life balance, and in one to one coaching and personal development for individuals. We also provide stress audits for your organisation along with the powerful tool for information gathering called Teamwork Diagnosis Questionnaire (TDQ)

Our intention within the trainings is that participants will have learned more about their own operating styles and be able to support themselves and others more creatively. This will have the natural effect of people taking greater personal responsibility for their own actions and be able to more inclusive and encouraging in the bigger context of the whole department or organisation.

If you would like more information about our stressmanaged trainings please call Samra Training Consultants or email us.

You can contact us at 07775743291
or email info@stressmanaged.co.uk